As radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology expands into applications beyond tagging and tracking of pallets and boxes in consumer retail, the non-volatile memory (NVM) requirements are expanding beyond the minimum set required by the standards. Choosing a NVM IP solution that meets the performance, power and cost targets is critical to developing and deploying an RFID tag whether the application is anti-counterfeiting, datalogging of perishables, or tracking of large items (livestock, aerospace components, etc.). In this webinar, you will:

  • Get a brief overview of DesignWare NVM IP specifically multiple time programmable (MTP), as well as alternative technologies including one time programmable (OTP) and embedded Flash / EEPROM
  • Gain an understanding of common NVM specifications including endurance, retention, program/read speed, and how they impact overall RFID tag performance
  • Explore IC and system-level options to improve the cost and performance of embedded non-volatile memory

Who should attend:
Designers and product managers that are defining and developing the next-generation RFID tag products.

Estimated length:
50 minutes, 10 minutes Q&A

Craig Zajac, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Embedded NVM IP
Craig Zajac is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for embedded non-volatile memory IP at Synopsys. He has over 5 years of experience in embedded non-volatile memory IP including product management positions at Impinj and Virage Logic. Prior to entering the IP space, Craig worked for 10 years at a variety of semiconductor companies including National Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor, and Motorola. Craig has BS and MS degrees in engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Arizona State University.