Secure Authenticator ICs are used to provide
cryptographic protection and control capabilities to various embedded
applications. Common uses include counterfeit prevention, usage control, system
feature setting, and reference design license management. This webinar will take
participants through the cryptographic fundamentals of secure authentication,
review the security algorithm types and tradeoffs, discuss security attack
threats and associated IC-level protection methods, an end application scenario,
and overview of Maxim’s latest DeepCover® Secure Authentication products.

Estimated Time: 1 Hour

What attendees will learn:

  • Understand the cryptographic concepts of challenge and response secure
  • Understand the crypto algorithm types used with secure authentication and
    associated tradeoffs
  • Understand the architecture of secure authentication in the typical embedded
  • Recognize there are serious threats to secure authenticators and that
    IC-level protection is necessary
  • Obtain an high level overview of Maxim’s latest generation DeepCover Secure
  • Review a typical secure application example of a host system with attached

Scott Jones,
Executive Director, Embedded Security, Maxim Integrated

Scott Jones
is an Executive Director of Business Management at Maxim Integrated where he
leads a team responsible for Secure Authentication products. Over 12 years at
Maxim Integrated, Scott has performed product line and end-customer business
development. Prior to joining Maxim, he spent 15 years in applications and
embedded HW/SW design roles at Dallas Semiconductor and other technology