In our last webinar, we explored the basic
concepts of cryptographic tools such as symmetric ciphers (i.e. AES) and
asymmetric algorithms (i.e. Elliptic Curve). In this second webinar in the
series, we will demonstrate that cryptography is just one tool needed to help
secure entire embedded systems. It is important to understand that cryptography
alone does not make any system secure: the most secured house in the world is
still vulnerable if you lose the key to unlock the front door. We will discuss
the concept of life-cycle security the process of identifying assets that need
protection, defining threats against those assets, and employing tools to better
secure those assets for their entire life cycles.


  • Understand that cryptography is not the same thing as security but is just
    one vital component of a secured application
  • Understand the concept of life-cycle security
  • Understand the basic approach of threat identification and analysis
  • Understand the basic tools and techniques used to secure embedded devices
    across their lifetimes

Ardis, Director, Maxim Integrated

Kris Ardis is a Director at Maxim
Integrated. In his 15 years at Maxim as a software engineer, he has developed
secure applications and secure microcontroller products, and taken an active
role in the marketing of these products. He received his BS in Computer Science
from the University of Texas and is currently based in Irvine, California.