The growth in connected “things” brings significant challenges for complex systems that incorporate a range of capabilities and require management of data and communication with other devices and services. Security is fundamental to the successful adoption of these connected IoT devices and needs to be considered early in the design cycle. This webinar discusses the common security threats, design considerations, and use cases requiring a secure root of trust across the range of IoT applications. We will also discuss how security hardware and software IP can help address challenges to enabling trust between connected devices for secure communication.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Common security threats for IoT systems
  • How a secure root of trust helps to mitigate security threats
  • SoC architectures that minimize risk of compromise and adapt to an evolving threat environment

Who should attend:
SoC designers, architects, and managers developing secure SoCs.


Mike BorzaMike Borza, Member of Technical Staff, Security IP, Synopsys

Mike Borza has more than 20 years of leadership experience in security system and safety critical system engineering. He was founder and CTO of Elliptic Technologies, which was recently acquired by Synopsys. Mike has been an active contributor to the Security Task Group of IEEE 802.1; was an editor of the 802.1AR Secure Device Identifier standard; is one of the founding members of the prpl Foundation and co-chair of its security engineering group; and chairs the EEMBC IoT security benchmark working group.