This webinar will spotlight leading security trends in memory for the computing segments that include the internet of things, industrial IoT (IIoT), and edge devices. It will cover architectural trends, descriptions, and security policies being used to securely store code and data, as well as the standards driving these implementations.

Additionally, the webinar will address the manufacture and secure deployment of connected devices in a world of zero trust, which demands solutions that include advanced cryptographic security techniques for provisioning, onboarding, and managing devices numbering from just a few to thousands. Crypto Quantique is a leader in hardware-based root of trust, unique ID, IP, and secure onboarding and device management, whose experts will discuss these security subjects from the standpoint of memory design.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Trends driving a need for greater secure memory in IoT, IIoT, and edge devices
  • Security objectives being targeted
  • Types of information that are being kept secure
  • Flash comparisons
  • Why serial interface memories are better
  • Products, applications, and architectures driving greater security implementation
  • Example design scenarios: edge computing (cloud edge and user premise) and robotics
  • Prevailing security features in flash memory and examples of common security architectures being implemented