This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Secure IoT Device Management webinar series from Arrow Electronics, Infineon, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In Part 1 you learned how the PSoC® 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU provides seamless integration with AWS IoT Core, delivering a secure node-to-cloud solution that “just works”.

But how do you scale one working device to manufacturing and deploying a million devices?

Infineon has teamed up with Arrow Electronics and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you scale with PSoC 64, Arrow’s Secure Provisioning Services, and AWS. In this webinar you will learn how this robust partnership provides a proven method for secure provisioning, onboarding, and management of your IoT application at scale.

Participants will:

  • Learn about PSoC 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU features that enable seamless mass secure provisioning at production
  • Discover the unique value propositions of Arrow’s Secure Provisioning Services as well as learn about the provisioning process itself
  • See how AWS provides multiple on-boarding techniques for secure IoT devices along with a demo of securely provisioning a device using one of the on-boarding techniques