In today’s wearable designs, engineers face several challenges – new functionalities in ever-shrinking sizes with longer battery life. You will learn about these and more design challenges for integrating flash and how Infineon flash products can solve problems while at the same time providing reliability, data retention and energy efficiency. The webinar will introduce product offerings for all functional blocks of your designs.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about wrist-worn devices, product segments and use cases
  • What are the design functional blocks and the right fit from Infineon’s broad product portfolio
  • Overview of Infineon’s memory solutions, use cases in wearables and how it is superior to the competition
  • Understand the details of NOR Flash technology with SEMPER™ Nano, typical design challenges for NOR Flash and how SEMPER™ Nano can fulfill these requirements
  • Introduction to the memory ecosystem with our chipset partners