The Serial ATA International Organizations (SATA-IO) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) T10 standard committees have both released specifications to provide support for 6 Gb/s data transfer between hosts, devices, port multipliers and expanders. At higher data rates, power consumption and emissions become more of a concern on system budgets and physical layer compliance. Link designers seek to find optimum voltages, emphasis levels and edge rates to manage these challenging design limits while ensuring functional protocol operation at the receiver. At the application layer, robust protocol development is required for error handling and error recovery.
What do you need to know about designing and testing SATA and SAS products to ensure they work reliably and meet the standard specifications? This webcast will provide details of Agilent’s industry leading SATA and SAS development and compliance test tools.

Duration:60 minutes

Who should view this webcast:
Test Engineer, Electrical Test Engineer, Protocol Test Engineer, Validation Engineer, Signal Integrity Engineer, Technical Lead, Project Manager

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Min-Jie Chong
Min-Jie Chong is the product manager for Agilent oscilloscope division responsible for storage (SATA/SAS) and mobile interface (MIPI) technology test solutions. His responsibility includes the marketing lead role for the Agilent storage solution. He has completed 6 years working for Agilent in areas spanning product manufacturing and business development for oscilloscopes. Some of his previous roles include call support engineer, Asia sales development engineer, memory technology and 8000 Series oscilloscopes product manager. He enjoys reading and outdoor activities in his free time.

Matthew Hallberg
Matthew Hallberg is the Product Manager for SerialTek. His duties include world-wide marketing, sales, product definition and technical support for SerialTek’s line of SAS and SATA protocol tools; the U3051A and U3052A. He has been in the protocol test and measurement industry for over 8 years with a focus on the SAS and SATA protocols. He is a rabid sports fan of MMA, NFL (Go Cowboys!), and NBA.