As the availability of commercial multicore RISC-V SoCs become a reality, the need for professional, mature, real-time operating systems and advanced C/C++ development tools is growing globally.

This webinar will explore how customers today can use Green Hills embedded software solutions with RISC-V multicore SoCs to achieve shorter development times and higher code performance while gaining competitive differentiation for their embedded system design through the RISC-V’s custom instructions and modular instruction set architecture. We will also take a look at how you can start using these solutions today based on the Green Hills portfolio of RISC-V embedded software solutions, as well as providing an introduction to the latest commercial multicore RISC-V SoCs available from our partner Microchip.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Safe and Secure Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Functional Safety (FuSa) Certifications
  • Advanced Software Development Tools
    • Green Hills Optimizing C/C++ Compilers
    • MULTI Development Environment
    • JTAG Hardware Processor Probes
  • RISC-V Multicore SoC Offerings
    • Longevity, Low power, maturity
  • Solutions Demo