Learn about cutting edge motor control
solutions and how they can revolutionize your application. Even those with
limited motor control experience will learn to identify, tune and fully control
any type of three-phase, variable speed, sensorless, synchronous or asynchronous
motor control system in just minutes. The experience builds on InstaSPIN and new
control methods, which provide robust control across dynamic speed and load
ranges of the system and significantly slashes setup time by replacing
hard-to-tune PID controllers with simple, single-parameter tuning. Ideal for
applications that require accurate speed control, minimal disturbance, and
undergo multiple state transitions or experience dynamic changes.

What attendees will learn:

  • Identify, auto tune, and achieve full sensorless field oriented torque
    control within minutes
  • Eliminate the need for rotor sensors / encoders / resolvers for any three
    phase synchronous or asynchronous variable speed motors
  • Enable a robust speed controller, add movements, and incorporate into a
    state based motion plan
  • Silicon, software and tools for success

Attendees will also receive a discount on the new TI InstaSPIN
controller card

Clearman, C2000 Product Marketing, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Chris has
been with TI—and primarily on motor control—for over a dozen years. He has been
working on the InstaSPIN technologies for the past three years and most enjoys
the look on an engineer’s face when THEIR motor is being controlled with
sensorless FOC in just minutes. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas
A&M University where he studied DSP, controls, and semiconductor physics.

Hotchkiss, Field Application Engineer, Arrow Electronics, Inc.

has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in Electrical
Engineering. Don has over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry.
His early years in engineering focused on board designs for high performance DSP
and programmable logic based systems as well as ASIC design. The last 12 years
he has been working in Sales and as a Field Application Engineer. Don joined
Arrow about a year ago as a senior FAE.