Optocouplers are needed to provide high voltage insulation against transient voltage surges and to reject common mode transient noise from interfering with the input/output signals. Avago’s next-generation optocouplers, ACPL-M61L/061L/064L/W61L/K64L(ACPL-x6xL) offer a significant reduction (up to 90%) in power requirements without compromising on noise isolation and high voltage insulation performance. In addition, these new optocouplers are built-in with additional features like slew-rate controlled output, wide supply range, making them extremely easy to be designed for digital communication interface.

What Attendees will learn:

  • Importance of isolation at digital communication interface
  • Low power isolation solutions that cut down 90% of power consumption
  • Why LED input is ideal for noisy environment
  • Circuit design techniques that will ease the design work at digital communication interface (for example SPI, RS485, etc).

Yeo Siok Been, Product Marketing Manager (Digital), Isolation Products Division, Avago Technologies
Yeo Siok Been started her career as a RF modeling engineer and analog IC designer. She is currently working as the product manager for digital optoocupler at Avago Technologies, where she has worked for more than five years. She involved not only in the new product development, but also in the new market expansion. She graduated with a master degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the National University of Singapore.