In this webinar you will be presented with an
overview of Ridgetop’s Solder Joint Built-in Self-Test™ (SJ BIST). Solder joint
connections in ball grid array (BGA) packages are especially subject to
cumulative fatigue damage. Prior to development of Ridgetop’s SJ BIST product,
there were no known methods for detecting intermittencies and high-resistance
defects in functioning solder joint networks related to BGA packages. The
cumulative damage eventually caused the solder joint to crack, usually at the
package or printed circuit board (PCB) boundary.

SJ BIST is designed to
detect static and dynamic occurrences of interconnect resistance increases and
then alert the system regarding the condition of interconnect and related solder
joints. Maintenance is thus facilitated, either through replacement or by
switching to a redundant system prior to catastrophic failure. In addition to
solder joint health monitoring, SJ BIST serves a wide range of applications
where interconnect integrity and reliability are of concern.


  • Interconnection reliability aspects
  • SJ BIST’s capabilities, operation and applications

Hans Manhaeve, Ph.D., CEO, Ridgetop

Hans Manhaeve is CEO of Ridgetop Europe. Ridgetop Europe is
based in Bruges, Belgium and is the new name for Q-Star Test of which he was
founder, president and CEO. Ridgetop Europe provides unique, cost-effective,
highly reliable solutions for IC and electronic circuits and systems testing to
global semiconductor companies, addressing both the existing Q-Star Test
business and supporting other Ridgetop products and services. Dr. Manhaeve has
significant experience in the semiconductor industry and has worked with a wide
variety of electronic product manufacturers within IC, automotive, medical
control, telecommunications, networking devices, sensors & transducers and
consumer from well-known Fortune 100 to smaller companies.

Dr. Manhaeve is
very experienced with FPGA, IC and ASIC design, including: IC test, test
strategy development and improvement, design for test methodologies (SCAN, BIST,
Boundary Scan, and related technologies) and application, fault models, fault
grading, test vector generation, ATPG, digital / mixed-signal circuit testing,
memory testing, (supply) current based test, (supply) current based design for
test, IDDX monitor design and development for on-chip and off-chip applications,
IDDQ, IDDT, IDDX, BICS, IDDX application strategies, reliability screens,
quality screening, 0ppm support.  Dr. Manhaeve earned his Ph.D. in Electronic
Engineering from the University of Hull in February 1997, and his Electrical
Engineering Degree (MSc) in Electronics from KIHWV (Technical University of
Oostende) in 1987.