RF Power amplifiers are often exposed to non-ideal load or severe mismatch conditions. Ruggedness and reliability have always been very important design parameters in the LDMOS technologies brought to market by NXP Semiconductors. This webinar addresses the LDMOS technology design for optimum reliability and ruggedness. Insight will be given in how to create the most rugged and reliable LDMOS technology available in the industry. Various methods to characterize ruggedness will be discussed, backed up by practical examples.


Korné Vennema received his BSEE from the Municipal Technical College in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1987. He started his career as an Electrical Development Engineer for RF Power Transistors with Philips Semiconductors in 1987. Since 1993, Mr. Vennema resides in the USA, where he is responsible for the Application Support of NXP's RF Power product portfolio.