This webinar will provide a practical understanding of RF Detectors. An ADI RF expert will talk about the different detector types, and how to apply these devices. Application areas that will be covered will include: RF Input matching, input range selection, and interfacing to precision ADCs. System-level calibration of RF Power Detector circuits, which is critical to achieving high quality results, will also be discussed.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • An Introduction to RF Power Measurement Systems
  • RF Detector Types
  • How to apply an RF Detector
  • Interfacing an RF Detector to an ADC
  • Calibrating an RF Power Measurement System

Who should attend this webinar:

Engineers who are designing radio receivers and transmitters using discrete components. This webinar will be of particular interest to designers who are designing systems that measure, and control, the RF power being transmitted from RF High-Powered Amplifiers (HPA)

Eamon Nash, Applications Engineering Manager, Analog Devices, Inc.
Eamon Nash is an Applications Engineering Manager in Analog Devices’ RF Products Group. He has worked at Analog Devices for 20 years, first as a Field Applications Engineer, covering mixed signal and DSP products, then as an Applications Engineer specializing in discrete RF components for wireless applications. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.Eng) in Electronics from University of Limerick, Ireland.