We’d like to invite you to our “Semiconductor power switches as high-current fuse and relay replacements” webinar and share the latest market trends and product news with you.

Since the early 90s, when we released our first protected power switch by the name of PROFET™ (PROtected MOSFET), the automotive industry has been steadily replacing relays and fuses with these switches. Over the last 25 years, we have continuously extended and improved the capabilities of these devices and they have now become industry standard for many body applications such as lighting, heating and DC motor drives within the current range from 1 A to 20 A.

Until now, however, there was no integrated device on the market that could address the current range above 20 A. As a result, the power distribution system in today’s cars still relies on relays and fuses.

Now that has changed. Infineon Technologies has introduced a new device family called Power PROFET™ to fill this gap. These devices have a current range capability up to 40 A DC and 150 A dynamic current, thus paving the way for a new generation of power distribution systems.

Compared with relays and fuses, these smart devices offer higher reliability, improved energy efficiency and extended functionality at lower overall system cost.

Join our webinar and learn more about our new benchmark Power PROFET family and the opportunities these devices open up for your business.


Gerhard Stoeckl, Product Marketing Manager, Infineon Automotive Power Distribution and Heating

David Jacquinod, Application Engineer for Body Power, Infineon

13 years of experience of power switches for Automotive industry