Analog Devices’ RFMW solutions group leads the way in reducing RF and microwave design complexity and development costs. Integrating larger portions of the frequency spectrum into single ICs while enhancing the overall feature set of a single IC allows reuse across multiple radio designs and enables much faster development cycles. Advancements in RF frequency generation, tunable filters, wideband switches, wideband attenuators, and low-phase–noise amplifiers are driving a new era in smallest-size, widest-reuse radio designs without sacrificing performance.

In this webcast, we will focus on the local oscillator (LO) and clock-generation signal chain and showcase ways in which Analog Devices is making complex designs more accessible to the RF community.

Attendees will learn:                                

  • The latest LO and clocking signal-chain solutions from Analog Devices
  • Specific application use cases
  • Key performance metrics that are most important when choosing components and tradeoffs in integration