Learn about Real Time Clock (RTC) functions and how to achieve higher accuracy, lower power consumption, and minimized bill of material. Unlike RTCs integrated in microcontrollers, stand-alone RTCs have features like integrated TCXOs and a wide operating range, helping you achieve higher system accuracy and lower power consumption. Due to the unique process NXP uses, we have some of the lowest power consumption RTCs available on the market. Topics covered in this seminar include accuracy calculation, crystal selection, oscillator tuning, and how to pick the optimal RTC device from NXP.

Murray Voakes, Technical Marketing Engineer, Interface Products
Murray Voakes received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) in 1982. Murray joined NXP in January 2008, and is currently a Technical Marketing Engineer for NXP's Interface Products and Microcontroller product lines. Prior to joining NXP, Murray was a Design Engineer for 17 years and a Field Applications Engineer for 9 years.