Are you interested in learning about Actel’s SmartFusion device and using it to develop with a real-time kernel, or just interested in understanding the workings of a real-time kernel? If so, here’s a class that puts a spotlight on just how a real-time kernel works. SmartFusion is a mixed Signal FPGA that integrates a hard ARM Cortex-M3, FPGA and Programmable analog in a single device. The class uses Micrium’s recently released C/OS-III as a reference, and is presented by one of Micrium’s software experts, Matt Gordon in conjunction with Actel’s Design Solutions Manager Wendy Lockhart. The class describes real-time kernels from generic terms to specifics involved with the SmartFusion ARM Cortex-M3 architecture.

Attend this webinar to learn:
Actel’s SmartFusion device and design flow and Micrium’s C/OS-III which is the successor to the company’s popular C/OS-II real-time kernel. Features of C/OS-III that will be touched on in class include:

  • Preemptive multitasking with round-robin scheduling of tasks at the same priority
  • Adapting a real-time kernel to ARM’s Cortex-M3 architecture
  • Using an unlimited number of tasks and other kernel objects
  • Semaphores
  • Mutual exclusion semaphores with full priority inheritance
  • Event flags
  • Message queues
  • Timers
  • Fixed-size memory block management
  • and more

Cost of the class is $99, which includes the webinar and a development kit, the SmartFusion Evaluation Kit (A2F-EVAL-KIT), which you will receive from EETimes Group within 10 days of registering.

Matt Gordon
With several years of experience as an embedded software engineer, Matt Gordon is well-acquainted with Micrim’s software. In his current role as a technical marketing engineer, he is responsible for explaining the nuances of this software to Micrim’s partners and customers. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Georgia Tech.

Wendy Lockhart, Sr. Manager, Design Solutions Marketing and Training
Wendy Lockhart joined Actel in 2002 and has served in a variety of roles in the company’s marketing organization. Prior to joining the company, she was applications manager at Atmel Corporation, and prior to that held various positions with the FPGA integrated development systems group for Cadence in Scotland. Lockhart holds a master’s degree in electronics from University of Edinburgh, Scotland.