When was the last time you talked to your product? When was the last time your product talked back?

A sound system management strategy makes it possible for you to stay in touch with your product through good and bad times. Until recently, the lack of standards resulted in solutions that were too specific for most designs. With the development of DMTF standards such as DASH, WS-Man and CIM, the system management ecosystem is becoming interoperable and flexible, making now a great time to learn about the technologies you could be leveraging to lower deployment and maintenance costs.

What you will learn:
– Problems addressed by systems management today
– The DMTF Standards

  • Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) Initiative
  • Web Services for Management
  • Common Information Model (CIM) Standards

– DASH implementation in the XE

  • Architecture
  • nique sensors
  • SDK

– vPro vs. TruManage

– The future of systems management

Who should attend:

  • System architects
  • Firmware and hardware developers
  • System management and IT professionals

Josh Neland handles Global OEM marketing at Dell for workstations, desktops and portable based solutions. Over the past eight years at dell, he has also participated in consumer product line marketing, supply chain management, quality improvement, firmware development and factory infrastructure. Before joining Dell, Josh worked for various start-ups, including Trilogy where he developed configuration solutions for the automotive industry. Josh has a degree in Computer Engineering for Texas A&M University.