In a wide range of Industrial, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense applications, complete embedded systems including processors and peripherals are being integrated onto FPGAs in order to reduce cost, increase performance and maintain flexibility.

While hardware designers have been the traditional users of FPGAs, the new Embedded Design Platforms from Xilinx make it easy for software developers to start programming right away in a familiar environment including an Eclipse IDE, compiler, debugger, OSes and libraries. Programming can be done at either the bare-metal level, with an RTOS like uC/OS-II or even with full embedded Linux.

Webcast Attendees will learn:

  • How Xilinx addresses the top needs of embedded software developers
  • How to Develop Embedded Software with Xilinx Embedded Design Platforms
  • How to leverage FPGAs to rapidly adapt to changing feature & performance requirements

Navanee Sundaramoorthy, Product Manager, Embedded Design Platforms
Navanee Sundaramoorthy has over ten years experience with Software development and FPGA hardware development. He has held various positions at Xilinx including engineering manager for Embedded Platform Debug solutions, core member of the MicroBlaze team that won EDN's Hot 100 Products award, Platform Studio team that won International Engineering Council's Design Vision award and has been issued 2 patents. Navanee has MS in electrical and computer engineering from Brigham Young University, Utah and BS in computer science and engineering from Anna University, India