You’re using C++ because it provides raw performance. Now wouldn’t it be sweet if you had a framework with tons of capability, minimum overhead, and maximum portability? What if you could run this framework on a popular embedded environment with support for your current and future embedded projects? Enter Qt, the world’s best cross-platform C++ framework, and Android, one of the hottest environments around. But wait a minute; how can you use Qt in a Java-based Android environment?

Join us for this webinar where you’ll learn if Qt on Android makes sense for your application and, if it is, how to take advantage of this powerful framework in this popular environment. Hear from Bogdan Vatra, the world’s foremost Qt-on-Android expert, as he explains how the port is designed, how it actually works and interfaces with the tools, limitations of the technology, the roadmap for future functionality, and more.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is ideal for embedded software-development managers, architects, and engineers who:

  • require the performance of C++ on an Android system
  • need an environment that works well for embedded, desktop, and mobile
  • are building cross-platform Qt apps that must also target Android
  • have existing Qt apps and need to port them to the mobile
  • Prerequisites

    There are no prerequisites for this webinar but basic knowledge of C++ programming and Android development may be helpful.

    Bogdan Vatra
    C++ developer, KDAB

    Bogdan Vatra is the world’s foremost “Qt on Android” expert, being the original author of the Qt-Android port (Necessitas) and runtime environment (Ministro), as well as the project’s current lead contributor and unofficial maintainer. Today, a seasoned C++ developer at KDAB (the world’s largest independent source of Qt knowledge), Bogdan has spent the majority of his career creating tools and frameworks to enable other software engineers.