This webcast will explore the various approaches a designer can take when implementing several ADC channels in one system. You’ll learn the benefits and drawbacks to using multi-channel ADCs as opposed to several single channel ADCs. Pam discusses issues such as sharing resources, power consumption and dissipation, matching, and cross-channel interference. By understanding these tradeoffs the user can make informed decisions about how to partition their system to optimize the performance, power, and/or board space.
Topics to be covered in this presentation will include but are not be limited to:

  • Crosstalk 
  • Power consumption & dissipation issues  
  • Gain and offset matching across multiple channels 
  • Clocking concerns for simultaneous and interleaved sampling 
  • Board Layout 

Who should attend?

Analog design engineers that are involved in design or system level support.
Pam Aparo, Instrumentation Marketing Manager, ADI

Pam Aparo is the marketing manager for the Instrumentation market within ADI’s Industrial & Instrumentation Segment. Pam joined Analog Devices in 2000 after several years working in medical instrumentation. During her time at ADI she has worked as a Central Applications Engineer, Distribution Training Manager, and as a Strategic Marketing Manager for high speed ADCs. She earned her BSEE at University of Connecticut (Go Huskies!) and enjoys volunteering with a local dog rescue group in her spare time.