In this webinar, error sources of a few
fundamental front end signal conditioning blocks are identified and hints for
better practices are provided. Paying attention to these error sources and
exercising these best practices prevents wasting money and speeds up the
development time and time to market.

Who should attend:
Design Engineers who
are working on high percision applications and are looking for ways to optimize
sensor front ends and signal conditioning circuits.

Reza Moghimi, Applications Engineer
Manager, Precision Signal Conditioning Group, Analog Devices, Inc.

Reza Moghimi is an Applications Engineer Manager of Precision Signal
Conditioning Group at Analog Devices, Inc. (San Jose, CA). He received a BSEE
from San Jose State University in 1984 and a MBA in 1990. He has worked for
Raytheon Corporation, Siliconix, Inc., and Precision Monolithics, Inc.
(PMI)—which was integrated with Analog Devices in 1990. At ADI, he has served in
test, product, and project engineering assignments.