Commercial multicopters, also known as drones, have quickly moved from being viewed as toys by consumers towards sophisticated commercial usage. Multicopters provide unique solutions for aerial photography, movie recording, landscape mapping to programmable search and rescue aircraft. This provides challenges and opportunities for multicopter manufacturers. On one hand multicopter’s end-user mandates excellent user-experience (light weight, longer flying time, safe, reliable etc.) but on the other hand needs to be cost effective to enjoy economies of scale. From this webinar you will learn how Infineon’s cost effective products for multicopters seek to address challenges faced by multicopter manufacturers while ensuring safety and reliability.

Attendees will learn:

  • Multicopter system overview
  • Typical multicopter platform needs
  • Best-in-class system solutions to shorten design cycles

Who should attend:
Design Engineers, Application Engineers, Product Marketing, Application Engineers, Technical Marketing, Procurement Organization, Sales Organization


Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott, MSECE, MBA is the marketing manager for the Low Voltage Drives application segment at Infineon and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. He has been with Infineon for 12 years and has experience with both the microcontroller and the power semiconductor component families at Infineon.