All Programmable FPGAs and SoCs need the
appropriate power supplies to power an increasing number of voltage rails. With
so many different power supplies available, which is the best to use? During
this webinar, we’ll look at the latest trends in FPGA power, the tradeoffs in
picking the best power supply, and how to optimize for size, cost and

What attendees will learn:

  • Understand the latest FPGA and SoC voltage, current, and tolerance
    requirements on their power rails
  • Understand how to pick the right power supply for your next FPGA or SoC
  • See the latest industry trends and tradeoffs for power supplies, including
    modules, discretes and design tools
  • See a pair of design examples for a communications system and motor control
    system and picking the right power supplies for each
  • Examine the new power solutions for the Xilinx/Avnet Zynq evaluation kits
    (ZC702 and ZedBoard)

Estimated Length: 1 hour

Logan, Analog Marketing Manager, Platform Solutions, Xilinx

Logan is an analog marketing manager for Xilinx in San Jose, CA. He manages
Xilinx’s analog platform and specifies the power supply solutions for Xilinx’s
evaluation kits. Prior to joining Xilinx, he spent 11 years working for Maxim
and Linear Technology, in applications, marketing and business management roles.
He received his BS in electrical engineering from San Jose State University.

Huynh, Director, Product Definition, Power Solutions, Maxim

Anthony Huynh is a Director of Application Engineering at Maxim Integrated
Products Inc., where he leads a product definition and application team. Over 13
years at Maxim Integrated, Thong has defined Hot Swap, Power-Over-Ethernet,
Power Modules and FPGA Power Solutions. He has 20 yrs+ experience designing
switch mode power supplies and power management circuits. Prior to Maxim, Thong
had worked for Vishay-Siliconix, Artesyn Technology Inc., and OECO Corp.