Human-vital monitoring has moved from the doctor’s clinic to people’s wardrobes as more consumers adopt a more self-aware and informed view of their personal health. As the number of vital-monitoring wearable devices entering the market grows, sensor-system designers must guarantee low power consumption and small form factor without compromising on the fidelity of the sensor measurements.

This webinar examines how the Single-Inductor, Multiple-Output (SIMO) architecture delivers high system efficiency in the smallest form factor for space-constrained designs like wearables, hearables and low-power consumer designs. With scalable, low-power SIMO PMICs in your design, you can regain board space for value-added modules enabling functions such as voice commands, biometrics, gesture control, GPS, and more.

Discover how to:

  • Extend battery life by 20%
  • Reduce your total power solution size by 50%
  • Charge your wearable 4× faster