Making accurate power integrity measurements continues to challenge traditional oscilloscopes and methods as DC rails move to lower voltages with tighter tolerances. Learn the methods and techniques for making more accurate power integrity measurements with your oscilloscope. This webinar will provide the latest update on technical benefits addressed by specialized power rail probes uniquely designed for power rail measurements.

  • Gain insight on specialized power rail probes designed for low noise, and large offset range to address new challenges.
  • Learn what methods and techniques achieve the most accurate noise/ripple measurements.
  • Understand how a scopes FFT can help identify and isolate high frequency transients riding on power rails.


Joel Woodward, Power Integrity Probe Planner, Rohde & Schwarz

Joel works for Rohde and Schwarz as an oscilloscope product planner and enjoys low-power testing topics including power integrity. Joel holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University, an MBA from Regis University, has completed course work at the Harvard Business School, and holds an FPGA debug patent. His outside interests include digital photography and hiking in national parks.