Battery efficiency is a major focus for portable
electronics where battery life is a premium. All of the portable devices use
DC-DC conversion to get the required voltage for the components used in their
designs. These components typically consist of MCUs, ASICs, display drivers and
memory, which require different voltage levels and also have different current
consumption requirements. In addition, these components have varying load
profiles and are expected to use the battery charge very efficiently over a long
period of time. Conflicting power conversion requirements in portable designs
need careful analysis of the available analog and digital loop techniques and an
understanding of currently available device technologies for efficiency

What attendees will learn:
will become familiar with the analog and digital loop control concepts and how
these concepts are used to optimize light/heavy load efficiency in portable
electronics designs. Specifically, the following topics will be covered.

  • DC-DC power conversion concepts
  • Analog vs. digital loop control
  • Efficiency optimization in light and heavy load conditions
  • Optimizing power consumption for MCU standby modes

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

should attend:

DC-DC Power Converter Designers for portable
applications who are trying to optimize their designs for both light load and
heavy load efficiency.

Demiray, Sr. Marketing Manager, Renesas Electronics

John is a sr.
marketing manager at Renesas Electronics and is responsible for low-voltage
mixed signal and discrete power products. He has 20 years of experience in power
electronics that includes segments such as smart phones, tablets, notebook
computers, power tools, power supplies and solar inverters. John has a MS in
electrical engineering and a MBA.