In this webinar we will walk through the
process of porting the Linux operating system from a development kit to your
production hardware. We will discuss the build environment and associated tools
to assist you in building/porting the Linux OS to a Sitara ARM processor. The
Sitara Starter kit and the BeagleBone Black will be used as our reference for
the webinar. Please join us and use what you learn to accelerate your
development schedule.

In addition, live participants will be entered to
win prizes including a JAMBOX by Jawbone.

Ron Birkett,
Software Applications Manager, Sitara ARM Processors, Texas Instruments

Ron Birkett has been at Texas Instruments (TI) for 17 years. During his
career Ron has focused on embedded software. From assembly language, while(1)
loops, RTOSes, and HLOSes, Ron enjoys making embedded systems work through the
power of 1’s and 0’s. In his current role, he focuses on providing a Linux
Software Development Kit to empower embedded engineers everywhere to solve more
problems, blink more LEDs, and have a lot of fun.

B. Joseph, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Paul has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Physics from Ramapo
College of NJ, and a MSEE from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Paul has over 18
years experience in Sales and Field Application Engineering with the last 15
years at Arrow Electronics supporting customers in the metro NY area. Before
joining Arrow Electronics, Paul worked for several years in medical electronics