This webinar will provide you the solutions required to perform PHY layer testing on 100 Gbs datacom standards that use 10/25 Gbs Ethernet lanes and 100 Gbs long haul standards with 28 Gbs QPSK modulation.

Jit Lim, Senior Technologist, High Speed Signal Analysis, Tektronix
Jit Lim has an Electrical Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with over 20 years experience in the Test and Measurement Industry. He has extensive experience in signal integrity, jitter analysis, and physical layer characterization of high-speed signals. Jit has published numerous technical papers and has helped many of the world’s leading-edge technology companies with their test and measurement challenges. He has also designed some of Tektronix’ highest-performance real-time scopes and jitter analysis solutions. Mr. Lim has been with Tektronix for 24 years and is the Tektronix Senior Technologist for High Speed Signal Analysis.