The revision 3.0 PCI Express Specification does more than just double the banner data rate of the Revision 2.0 specification. PCIe 3.0 fundamentally changes the physical layer transport and introduces new challenges for the PCI Express developer.

During this presentation LeCroy will show you how, with the right toolset, the developer can see they dynamic effect of the new Protocol extension for adaptive line equalization and how it modifies the 8GT/s waveform. Using new ProtoSync PE technology, to combine the viewing of Physical and Protocol layers simultaneously, the user can easily understand the operation of the new standard.

LeCroy will further show that the move to 8GT/s and the 128b/130b encoding method is not as scary as it first appears, when you have a method of viewing and validating your design

Attendees will learn:

  • Debug PCIe Gen3 Dynamic Equalization using simultaneous physical layer and protocol views through advanced oscilloscope probing.
  • Use a protocol-aware transmitter / receiver tolerance tester (PeRT3) to test dynamic equalization link
  • Using ProtoSync PE to correlate physical layer waveforms with protocol traffic and determine root cause of chip or system problems.
  • Applying advanced equalization, emulation, and de-embedding algorithms to captured PCIe data to emulate serial data transmitters, channels and receivers.
  • How a LeCroy Summit T3 can help the developer do more than just bring up an 8GT/s link


Matthew Dunn, EMEA Technical Manager, Protocol Solutions Group
Matthew Dunn has worked in the electronics industry for over 25 years and has degrees in Electronics and Mathematical modelling/computer simulation. He has held posts as ASIC designer for major International telecommunication companies, provided industry support for major CAE/CAD companies, consulted for Manufacturing companies and optimised production Robots. For the last 8 years he has worked for LeCroy (CATC/Catalyst ) supporting the high speed serial communication analysis tools. Currently he holds the position at LeCroy of EMEA Technical Manager for Protocol Systems Group products.