Gathering experience from thousands of PCI Express developers world wide this presentation highlights the most common protocol related development pitfalls for PCI Express. We will also show how using tools like Protocol analysers and exercisers, novice and experienced users can quickly isolate and debug these problems.

The presentation will show how to:

  • Understand LTSSM behaviour in a real environment
  • Examine transaction and data link layer problems and ensure the system is achieving optimal performance
  • Correlate simulations to the final implementations
  • Select the correct tool for debug


Matthew Dunn, EMEA Technical Manager Protocol Solutions Group
Matthew Dunn has worked in the electronics industry for over 25 years and has degrees in Mathematical modelling and computer simulation. He has held posts as ASIC designer for major International telecommunication companies, provided industry support for major CAE/CAD companies, consulted for Manufacturing companies and optimised production Robots. For the last 8 years he has worked for LeCroy (CATC/Catalyst ) supporting the high speed serial communication analysis tools. Currently he holds the position at LeCroy of EMEA Technical Manager for Protocol Systems Group products.