Enterprises in every industry are gearing up for AI’s integration with IoT at the edge. Analytics and cloud-based applications are crucial foundations for the AIoT infrastructure. But even more importantly, AIoT requires complete, real-time access to the data in fulfill the needs of highly responsive edge computing applications.

In our experience, many customers are facing the same difficulties with regards to cyber level and physical level device integration in the new AI era. As the world’s leading industrial storage and memory provider, Innodisk has a solid track record with more than 2,000 customers, and expertise built on more than a decade of integration of hardware, firmware and software solutions.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Preparing your business for the new Internet of Things (IoT) an AI era
  • How do we Overcome the Current Architectural Issues?
  • Increasing process efficiency and delivering a better customer experience
  • Facilitating new platforms that enable rapid development of next generation intelligent IoT systems
  • Trends and technology in AIoT intelligent storage/data optimization


Johnny Wu, Manager, Intelligence Peripheral Application, Innodisk

Johnny is the manager of the Intelligence Peripheral Application Unit, which spearheads Innodisk’s integrated AIoT effort. Additionally, as an MVP of Microsoft Embedded System and a Trainer of Windows Embedded Training program, Johnny has been leading and developing integrated software and hardware solutions for the past 5 years.

Ashley Hung, R&D Engineering for Cloud Computing, Innodisk

Ashley Hung is leading the cloud computing customization team with her expertise of software at Innodisk, where her efforts are focused on cloud architecture and micro service integrated solutions.