Learn how to overcome the challenges of powering FPGAs with SIMPLE SWITCHER power modules from an expert.

This webinar will review the specifications that are needed to power FPGAs as well as suggest ways to overcome common challenges and propose Xilinx/Altera solutions. All SIMPLE SWITCHER power modules provide you with low EMI, excellent thermal performance and pin–to–pin compatibility for added design flexibility. SIMPLE SWITCHER power modules utilize WEBENCH Designer, an online design tool, feature evaluation boards and reference designs, and include application notes and videos to make design easy.

What the registrant will learn by attending this webinar:

  • FPGAs rail requirements including Core, IO, Transceiver, and Aux rails
  • How to determine the power levels for each FPGA rail
  • How SIMPLE SWITCHER power modules makes FPGA power design easier
  • Select the best part for the various FPGA rails
  • How to optimize transients and output ripple for meeting FPGA core requirements
  • How to optimize the overall system performance to reduce EMI
  • How Webench Power Architect tool simplifies the FPGA power design


JasonJason, Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments

Jason is an Applications Engineer with the Simple Switcher power module division of Texas Instruments located in Warrenville, IL.

He was born and raised in Chicago, IL where he resides with his wife, two daughters and a son. Jason studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago; graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He began his career with STMicroelectronics as an Applications Engineer, supporting DC/DC controllers and then as a Technical Marketing Engineer covering industrial security customers. Jason joined Texas Instruments in February 2005 as an Applications Engineer, supporting DC/DC power modules. His responsibilities include supporting customers and the field, as well as providing technical documentation and training of TI’s power module portfolio.