High speed digital chip-to-chip link performance
is often limited by jitter in the multigigabit per second regime. It is a
surprising fact that jitter can actually be amplified by a lossy channel even
when the channel is linear, passive, and noiseless. In this webcast we will
cover the basics of jitter amplification and show you how to accurately analysis
the effect in your system using ADS Channel Simulator.

should view this webcast:

Signal integrity engineers and high speed
digital engineers of multigigabit links who are running into effects previously
only seen in RF and microwave circuits.

Fangyi Rao,
Master R&D Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Fangyi Rao received
his Ph.D. degree in physics from Northwestern University in 1997, for research
in quantum theory of magnetism and transport. He joined Agilent EEsof in 2006 as
a Senior Development Engineer, where he works on Analog/RF simulation technology
in ADS and RFDE. From 2003 to 2006 he was with Cadence Design Systems, where he
made key contributions to the company’s Flexible Balance technology and
perturbation analysis of nonlinear circuits. Prior to 2003 he worked in the
areas of EM simulation, nonlinear device modeling, and optimization.