The Double-Data-Rate DDR memory channel is found
in a wide range of applications: smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and

The famous DDR3 can reach 2.133GBps per cupper lane at 1.5V
SSTL15 technology, while DDR4 starting at 2.4GBps per lane with 1.2V POD12
technology trying to hit 3.2GBps. How can a designer find out the key enablers
to make DDR3 and DDR4 channels work successfully? Can we depend on trial and
error to meet the target?

In this webcast, we are proposing simulations
hardened by measurements to detect the key enablers of the DDR3 and DDR4 memory
channel. We will show an example of DDR3 memory channel running at 2.133GBps and
how DDR4 technology can help us reach 2.4GBps.

Who should view
this webcast:

Signal integrity engineers and high speed digital
engineers of multigigabit links who are running into effects previously only
seen in RF and microwave circuits.


Heidi Barnes, Senior Application Engineer, High Speed Digital
Applications, EEsof EDA Group, Agilent Technologies

Heidi Barnes is
a Senior Application Engineer for High Speed Digital applications in the EEsof
EDA Group of Agilent Technologies. Past experience includes over 6 years in
signal integrity for ATE test fixtures for Verigy, an Advantest Group, and 6
years in RF/Microwave microcircuit packaging for Agilent Technologies. She
recently rejoined Agilent Technologies in April, and holds a Bachelor of Science
degree in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

Edlund, Senior Engineer, IBM Systems & Technology Group

Edlund is a Senior Engineer at IBM where he has responsibility for signal
integrity and electrical design verification of IBM enterprise and high-volume
systems. He has also worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, Cray Research,
and Supercomputer Systems, Inc. His book, “Timing Analysis and Simulation for
Signal Integrity Engineers,” reflects his long-term interest in predicting and
measuring operating margins. When he is not sitting in front of his workstation,
he enjoys flying, motorcycle riding, bicycling, and creative writing.