For more than 20 years, UBM Tech has surveyed
embedded designers to learn about their trials, tribulations, tools, and
favorite hardware and software vendors. We survey both the Embedded audience and DESIGN conference attendees.

What you will learn:

  • Which vendors have the most brand and product awareness
  • Developments in the embedded design process and embedded environment
  • Key findings relating to the daily life of embedded design engineers

Wolfe, Brand Director, EE Times, EBN, and Embedded

Alex oversees the
content direction and communities for EE Times, EBN, and Embedded at UBM Tech
Electronics and oversees the EE Times University. For more than two decades,
Alex has served as a technology editor for leading media outlets. Alex has
appeared as an industry analyst on CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC and is a
frequent panelist and moderator at industry conferences. He holds a Bachelor’s
degree in electrical engineering from Cooper Union.

Blaza, VP, Sales and Business Development for Electronics, UBM Tech

David is focused on our leading electronics brands including: EE Times, EDN,
Embedded, and Test & Measurement World. David has more than 20 years of
sales, marketing, and media experience in the technology sector working for
companies as diverse as IBM Europe, Motorola, Mars Electronics, ChipCenter, and
UBM. Blaza is a graduate of the University of Bradford, England (BS, Materials
Science) and the University of Stirling, Scotland (MS in Economics &