Recently, a new mask testing solution was introduced which has brought unprecedented mask testing speed to an affordable line of oscilloscopes from Agilent Technologies. Agilent's newly introduced hardware-accelerated mask testing solution for the InfiniiVision oscilloscope families (5000/6000/7000 model ranges) provides Six Sigma* test confidence in as little as 3 seconds (~100,000 tests per second). This level of mask testing speed (which is orders of magnitude faster than any other oscilloscope based mask testing solution currently on the market) can provide rapid insight for accelerating a design from development through manufacturing.

The following mask testing topics will be covered:

  1. Using mask testing to compare a measured signal against a known good signal using built-in automask mask generation capability.
  2. Testing signal limits using a pre-defined mask file containing violation limits.
  3. Gaining confidence in long-term system reliability by using the statistical methods in Six Sigma as part of your mask testing methodology.
  4. Isolate and investigate infrequent signal anomalies using mask testing.

*Six Sigma is a service mark registered to Motorola and in this context refers to the 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) that is the minimum requirement to say that a process meets "six sigma quality".

Duration: One hour

Who should view this webcast:
Electronics manufacturing test, quality assurance, research and development targeting implementations for manufacturing

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Alexander Dickson, Business Development Engineer Agilent Technologies

Alexander Dickson is a Business Development Engineer for Agilent Technologies in the real time oscilloscopes marketing team. Alex has past professional expertise in marketing and as a field Applications Engineer in a variety of digital test equipment ranging from logic and protocol analyzers to oscilloscopes and bit error rate testers (BERTs).

Alex currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO. During his free time, Alex enjoys traveling through the Rocky Mountains and hiking/biking/running in the outdoors of Colorado.