Latest forecast data estimates 1 billion
smartphones will be used by the end of 2013. Likewise, tablet PCs continue to
replace desktop PCs. With the increase of such personal mobile devices, the
popularity of third-party-applications, mobile apps, is strongly growing.
However, each of these apps establishes its own communications link to the
Internet. Knowing that data performance based on UMTS/HSPA, CDMA2000® and
certainly LTE has been greatly enhanced over recent years, it is essential to
understand the impact of these applications on the end-user quality of
experience (QoE). This webinar will illustrate the implication of applications
installed on a smartphone or tablet PC in terms of number of IP connections,
list of protocols including protocol name resolution, TCP performance and data
volume statistics. It further outlines how QoE can be optimized by applying IP
analysis and protocol statistics functionality using leading test and
measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

Attendees will

  • Implications of active applications running on a smartphone/tablet PC
  • How to analyze the number of IP connections, the used protocols, and the
    amount of data related to different applications
  • How to use TCP analysis to optimize TCP throughput e.g. used with file
    transfer protocol (ftp)


  • Basic understanding of mobile communications standards
  • Basic knowledge of HSPA/LTE 3GPP Release 8 principles
  • Basic understanding of IP communications

Who should

  • Engineering and lab managers
  • Research and principal engineers
  • RF and transceiver design engineers
  • Software and protocol development engineers
  • Network and systems & test engineers
  • Application and support engineers