This 30 minute session is targeted for designers of Automotive Applications whereby isolation is required. This session begins with the introduction of the importance of optocouplers in safe isolation and progress to circuit considerations, tips and tricks with examples referenced to automotive applications. Circuits to maximize performance of gate drive optocouplers to drive larger IGBTs and implement protection features will be presented with reference to inverter applications. Balancing the trade-off of power and speed for digital optocouplers in BMS and CANbus will also be discussed in this presentation.
By attending this webinar, you will learn:
  • Optocouplers selection criteria in various automotive applications
  • Tips on improving the performance of the optocoupler
  • Peripheral circuits to add features onto a Smart Gate driver for Inverter applications
Andy Poh, Product Manager, Isolation Products Division, Avago Technologies 
Andy is a Product Manager for Isolation Products Division of Avago Technologies. Andy started his career with Avago (formerly known as HP, then Agilent) in 1999, where he worked 3 years as a manufacturing engineer and 2 years as an R&D engineer for opto-isolation products. Andy was then moved to business development as a product manager with Automotive Optocouplers as part of his product portfolio. Andy holds a B.Eng (Electrical) from the National University of Singapore.