Optimizing Linux and Android applications can be a challenging experience. Using a popular FIR filter example implemented in three different forms, we will discuss the pros and cons of coding Android multimedia apps using Java and how this type of software can be significantly accelerated using C/C++ native code and the ARM® NEON™ SIMD engine. We will also be demonstrating how ARM Streamline can be used to make the software optimization workflow simpler and more efficient by identifying hotspots, parallelization issues and other system-wide events that can negatively impact your appÂ’s performance. At the end of this webinar, you will be able understand important performance aspects related to Android application design, as well as the benefits of using professional tools to optimize Linux and Android software.



Ken Havens, North America Marketing Manager, ARM
Ken is an experienced marketing and engineering professional with a rich history that includes the design, development, implementation and execution of products and marketing programs around them. Ken has been an engineer for over 20-years and now in a marketing role at ARM; he possesses extensive experience in engineering of new product, innovative marketing programs and working with engineering and marketing teams across the globe. He is experienced in all aspects of design from concept development, defining design requirements, to prototyping, troubleshooting, hardware/software integration, production, marketing as well as procurement and training. Experience in these areas provides a unique perspective to effectively communicate across regional and cultural barriers.