LEDs continue their march into applications and
markets at a rate that could not have been foreseen a scant 8 or 10 years ago.
As popular as they are, there remain some thorny issues associated with LED
driver efficiency and heat dissipation that require designers to pay a bit extra
attention. Efficient and well-designed drivers, matched to the LED type and
lighting topology and coupled with effective thermal management, can greatly
affect the overall consumption and lifespan of and LED lighting fixture. This
1-hour webinar will  look at what designers need to know in advance and what
devices and techniques are available to help make the right choices with regard
to drivers and thermal management solutions to ensure a successful design.

Mannion, Brand Director, UBM Tech, Electronics

Jandhyala, Director, Lighting Segment, ON Semiconductor

Jenck, VP Business Development, ERP

Cox, Director of Alliance Development