Secure and Hardened Linux Protects Your Embedded Devices: Introducing Wind River Linux Secure

No matter what business you’re in, security counts. If your product fails to measure up to expectations, your business takes a huge hit. And if your customer happens to be a soldier in the field or a patient on the operating table, the results can be even more devastating.

Every day brings news of yet another attack on the systems we trust. While top-down perimeter rings of security are often in place, how is a breach isolated and contained when they fail? Can you protect the integrity and confidentiality of data—or prevent partial or total system failure?

To harden the connected devices people rely on today, Wind River has expanded its portfolio of flexible and cost-effective security solutions by offering the first open source-based, EAL 4+ and FIPS 140-2-certified embedded Linux: Wind River Linux Secure.

Join Linux VP Paul Anderson, Linux Secure expert Milind Kukanur, and Wind River security guru Marc Brown as they talk about the cyber security trends and technologies capturing headlines today and how Wind River is shaping tomorrow’s system designs.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of combining top-down with bottom-up approaches to your security strategy
  • How our secure Linux solution incorporates and extends beyond SE Linux
  • Why the US Department of Defense urges its suppliers to use open source software
  • How and when to leverage Linux Secure in your industry

Who should attend

  • System architects
  • Security experts
  • Linux developers
  • Program managers with responsibility for software platform choice

Paul J. Anderson, Vice President, Product Strategy and Marketing, Wind River Linux
Combining a life-long appetite for Linux with technical and business leadership across the Wind River product portfolio, Paul Anderson is perfectly positioned to guide the commercial embedded open source revolution now in progress. In 2009, he moved from VP of Linux Engineering at Wind River to his present role, where he takes responsibility for product strategy, design and development, as well outbound marketing and business development for the Wind River Linux portfolio.

Milind Kukanur, Senior Product Manager, Wind River Linux
Milind Kukanur is Wind River’s Senior Product Manager for the Wind River Linux product line. With over 12 years of software industry experience, his current product management responsibilities include Wind River Linux solutions for aerospace and defense, industrial, medical and transportation markets. He is also responsible for the areas of Linux security and certifications, graphics, multimedia and other middleware technologies. 

Marc Brown, Vice President of Tools and Marketing Operations, Products Group, Wind River
In his role, Marc is responsible for overall tools product strategy, business planning, and program execution; product group marketing operations, including product marketing, financial and business operations, and GTM. In addition, Marc is responsible for strategic corporate initiatives for security and development lifecycle, working closely with the Wind River CTO office, corporate marketing, and the
products teams on strategy, product planning, and partner ecosystem.