With more gates, more software and less time-to-market, it’s practically impossible to deliver optimized and differentiated products without the right on-chip visibility implemented in your SoC.

During this webinar, Serge Poublan, Product Marketing Manager at ARM, will introduce new CoreSight™ technology that delivers cost effective system visibility for any ARM platform.

In particular, he will explain how, in conjunction with an ARM processor’s trace macrocells:

  • The CoreSight System Trace Macrocell enables software and hardware visibility in the SoC at low cost.
  • The CoreSight Trace Memory Controller gives the most cost effective trace collection solutions reducing silicon area, pin count and tooling costs.

Then Javier Orensanz, Product Manager for the Debug Tool at ARM, will demonstrate how software developers can optimize their Android libraries using TI’s OMAP3 platform and the ARM Profiler tool.

In addition:

  • Hardware engineers will learn how to build cost effective on-chip visibility with the latest CoreSight IP
  • Software engineers will learn how to use CoreSight enabled product such the OMAP35x platform using ARM tools.
  • Managers will understand how by implementing CoreSight on-chip visibility, they can de-risk their program and enable their development team to debug & optimize efficiently their systems.

Register today to find out how to design your next CoreSight system and get the most from your CoreSight enabled platform.

Serge Poublan, Product Marketing Manager, ARM
Serge has several product line responsibilities and he is in charge of the CoreSight debug and real-time trace IP product portfolio.
During his professional career, Serge has held diverse engineering, program management and marketing roles in the aeronautical, telecom and semiconductor industries. An electronics engineer by training, he contributed technically and managed several large scale IP and ASIC developments program.

Serge is a chartered French electronics engineer and holds an executive diploma in management.

Javier Orensanz, Product Manager, Debug Tool, ARM
Javier is a Telecoms Engineer and an MBA graduate. He is responsible for debug and profiling tools at ARM. His first involvement with software development tools was at university, where he designed an emulator and debugger for a Texas Instruments C25 DSP. Javier went on to work at Siemens as a firmware developer and later at Nortel as a hardware designer. During his seven year tenure at ARM, Javier has been in technical support and product management roles.