FPGAs are now critical for many high reliability applications. One major challenge still is the effective integration of analog functions onto FPGAs. Stellamar creates and licenses IP that allows analog functions to be embedded in Microsemi FPGAs and cSoCs. Their IP portfolio and pipeline consists of All Digital ADC, DAC IP, DC-DC Controller IP and Clock Multiplier IP.

Attendees will learn:

 *   Previous techniques for interfacing FPGAs with ADCs

 *   How Analog Replacement IP can benefit your next design

 *   General IP performance ranges and applications

 *   General utilization numbers for Microsemi FPGAs

 *   Current Implementation success stories

Stellamar is a full service design, consulting and IP licensing firm specializing in digital and mixed signal applications with particular deep domain expertise in enabling analog functions to be implemented in a digital environment.