The nature of digital logic is changing: designs are no longer dominated by large DIP and TSSOP logic packages with multiple gates per package. Instead, designers are looking for solutions that provide exactly the right amount of logic in exactly the right place. NXP Mini Logic provides a whole ecosystem of logic families, functions and packages that reduce board and system cost while providing enhanced performance and reliability. This webinar will demonstrate the potential savings and increased performance possible with Mini Logic devices, and a migration path from current logic solutions.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to increase performance with Mini Logic devices from NXP5
  • A detail migration path from current logic solutions to Mini Logic packages


Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf is the Senior Product Applications Engineer for Logic and Standard Product Devices for NXP Semiconductors. In addition to applications support he also creates videos, demos and new product definitions for the consumer, automotive, medical and computing market places.

Dan Jensen

Dan Jensen is currently the Director of Product Marketing for Business Line Logic in the Americas. Previously, he held various marketing, business development, and systems engineering management positions within the semiconductor industry with over 20 years of experience primarily in new product development functions.