NXP has integrated electricity metrology with a high powered ARM Cortex M0 to enable the integration of metrology measurements into any product. Developers no longer need a deep technical understanding of how to measure electricity consumption in order to integrate it into their products. With the roll out of smart metering, it is clear that for consumers to change their energy usage habits, they will need to be able to measure their energy consumption everywhere and with every device. More information about the EM773 can be found on the NXP website http://www.nxp.com/smartmetering.

What attendees will learn:

  • Technical details of the EM773
  • Target markets of the EM773
  • How to integrate the EM773 into a product
  • How to get started with the development tools

Who should attend:
All engineers or managers working on a product where electricity metrology will need to be integrated in the future.

Estimated Length: 45 Minutes

Neal Frager, Product Applications Engineer Microcontrollers

Neal Frager has been working with embedded processors in a variety of markets for 9 years for semiconductor manufacturers Texas Instruments and NXP. With his broad understanding of what customers expect from a microcontroller, NXP has selected Neal to help bridge the gap between the application developer and the analog metrology front end. Neal has been involved with the EM773 since the initial concept of the product, and is pushing ahead in a variety of roadmap directions from increased accuracy to multiple channels to increased integration with communication stacks such as Zigbee or wireless M-Bus. Please come to this webinar prepared with questions and ideas, as Neal would like to learn from the session along with the audience.