The Internet of Things is pushing a wave of new applications integrating NFC every day. NFC is a simple and intuitive, zero power wireless technology. This technology is paving the way to new opportunities: enriching branding and customer engagement; going beyond industrial logistics and supply chain, with smart maintenance assistance; enhancing access control; simplifying payments. This webinar gives an overview of NFC technology and introduces ST25 innovative solutions for some of the emerging use cases.


John Tran, Field Application Engineer, STMicroelectronics

John Tran is a Field Application Engineer with a BS Degree in Physics from Virginia Tech University where he studied semiconductor and high-temperature superconductor technologies. John has over 20 years of experience in the electronic industry. His early experiences ranged from complex SoC to secure and standard microcontrollers. He has been with ST over 12 years and is currently specialized in NFC technologies.