Webcast Overview:       

This webcast will educate engineers on all design considerations when developing battery-powered devices for mobile/portable/stationary
devices, including updates on:

  • Current and future cell technology, including Li-Ion, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and primary (disposable)
    battery technology. Addresses changes in chemistries, cell formats, performance, cycle life, cell suppliers, and 5 year roadmap
    for cells.
  • Battery management electronics, including protection functions, device-side & battery-side fuel gauging techniques,
    options for communications interfaces, available cell balancing technologies, and battery authentication techniques.
  • Electrical and mechanical considerations of charging these new battery technologies.
  • Recent IEC, UL, and UN/DoT changes to agency approvals and transportation rules for Lithium batteries.

Who should attend:

Design Engineers, Managers, Product Development, Product Managers, Executive Management from medical, military, industrial
and consumer markets


Chris Turner
Vice President of Technology, ICCNexergy

Chris Turner is the Vice President of Technology at ICCNexergy, a leader in innovative design and manufacture of the complete rechargeable system. He offers over 20 years of multi-disciplined battery industry experience to the strategic development of rechargeable power systems at ICCNexergy. In his current role, Mr. Turner is a leader of the Advanced Technology Solutions Group (ATSG) where he is responsible for developing and integrating new technology into next generation products and systems for ICCNexergy customers.

Prior to ICCNexergy, Mr. Turner’s extensive career included: battery technology research and strategic planning at Sony Ericsson, and scientist with AER Energy Resources and SAFT Aerospace Batteries (formerly Gates Aerospace Batteries). Mr. Turner holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina and holds several patents related to battery technology.

Carlos Gonzalez
Technical Marketing Manager, ICCNexergy

Carlos Gonzalez is a Technical Marketing Manager at ICCNexergy, the industry’s only fully integrated supplier of rechargeable power solutions. He is a 30 year battery industry veteran experienced in various battery chemistries, logistics, regulations, applications engineering and sales engineering.

Mr. Gonzalez holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and, through his professional career, has gained extensive knowledge and technical expertise on battery performance and characteristics, and its application to end devices. Mr. Gonzalez previously worked for Yuasa Battery and Panasonic in a Sales Engineering role and subsequently at Nexergy as Director of Operations. In his current position, he applies his multifaceted experience to business development growth and company direction.”