The emergence of state-of-the-art BCD & Analog CMOS platform technologies is having a far reaching effect on the analog/mixed-signal IC. The system-level benefits of the BCD & Analog CMOS technology platform are as substantial as the benefits of the past digital CMOS integration in terms of system cost-effectiveness, reliability, high performance, and programmability.

Power IC technologies have been implemented in all end-application types, and across the entire analog domain and levels of integration from single-function Discretes to highly integrated Power SoCs solutions.

Dongbu HiTek’s Analog technology has delivered a variety of Power product solutions in the Automotive, Industrial, Wireless and Consumer market segments.

This webinar will highlight Dongbu HiTek’s latest 2 technology releases in the BCD and Analog CMOS spaces – Low-Vgs BD350 and AN180. Low-Vgs BD350 takes the existing, industry-best 0.35um, 60V BCD process (BD350) and optimizes the LDMOS power transistors to operate from the logic CMOS Vgs levels. This enables designers to avoid the dedicated 12V supply needed previously, thereby simplifying the designs but without any Rsp penalty. AN180 is a 0.18um Analog CMOS process optimized for performance and density. A 1.8V/5V process, it also offers HVCMOS devices up to 30V, making it a very flexible technology. AN180 will be the base of a series of 0.18um platform technologies to be rolled out thru 2010.

What attendees will learn:
a. Overview of Dongbu HiTek & Analog Foundry’s technology offerings

Low-Vgs BD350:
a. The broad component set of this technology
b. The advantages of Low-Vgs biasing of power LDMOS transistors
c. The breadth of power transistors offered in Low-Vgs BD350
d. The production readiness of this technology

a. Broad component set for this technology
b. Review of technical data such as CMOS noise performance, HV CMOS & bipolar device characteristics
c. The concept of a 0.18um technology platform with AN180 at its center

Lou N. Hutter, Analog Foundry Business Unit, General Manager
Lou Hutter has over 30 years of extensive experience in analog and mixed-signal technology development focusing primarily on the high performance analog, high volume analog, power management. Becoming a Texas Instruments’ fellow in 1995, Lou has 47 US patents to his credit and has authored numerous technical papers.

Lou has expertise in high-power, high-precision, high-density, and high-speed CMOS and BiCMOS technologies down to 130nm sizes, power metallization and passives.

Lou leads Dongbu’s analog foundry business unit as a general manager where his primary responsibilities include strategy, business, and technology development focusing on BCDMOS, Analog CMOS, High Performance Analog CMOS.

Jae Song, Analog Foundry Business Unit, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jae Song is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Dongbu HiTek.

Since earning Ph.D in Solution Electrochemistry from University of Glasgow in 1989, Jae has filed 99 patents and published more than 50 technical papers.

With more than 20 years of semiconductor industry experience, Dr. Song has served in a number of key management positions with major semiconductor companies including Samsung Electronics and Akrion.

Dr. Song currently serves as a senior committee member in the semiconductor division of KSIA (Korea Semiconductor Industry Association).